How do you color your life?

The recent buzz regarding the possible release of the white Apple iPhone 4 before the end of 2011 makes me wonder if consumers just get swept up in iPhone news or are genuinely interested in possessing a smartphone that comes in a color other than black or grey.

The HTC EVO 4G has a beloved white version and BlackBerry has released devices in varying shades of red, the Torch 9800 one of the latest. Many of our customers often rave about how unique their colored devices are, but does the color of a smartphone play a large role in your purchasing decision? White HTC EVO 4G

Many folks cover their smartphones with cases at purchase or shortly thereafter, so what difference does it make if the phone itself is another color? Would you be more inclined to leave your device non-cased if it was manufactured in the hue of your choice? Does a colored device differentiate you from other members of your family that have the same phone?

For those who opt for the black or grey phone, we’re pretty proud of our case color selections at Seidio! My personal favorites are our Sage and Sapphire Blue, but I know many of you are fans of our Burgundy, Amethyst, Pearl White, Rose Pink, Ash Grey, and our classic Black.

What makes our colors special, we think, is that they are classy and professional without being overstated. You can take them into the boardroom without worrying that your client will notice your rhinestones or neon. Our cases make a great first impression!

What’s your favorite case color?

If you’re interested in checking out our color selections, you can check out examples of our HTC EVO 4G cases.


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