Apples to Apples

from There is no shortage of articles regarding Apple’s 10-year retail anniversary and rumored store overhaul, and while the upcoming surprise doesn’t necessarily have me racing to the mall next week, I am intrigued by the possibilities of the makeover.

Rumors are swirling about new displays, more customer service interaction, NFC capabilities, and even using iPads in the place of pricing labels. This makeover involves mandatory employee training, black curtains, and Apple’s tradition of super-secrecy.

Below are some collected office theories:

  • A push towards appearing more like a luxury brand. Sleeker in-store displays, more space on the walls, perhaps more incorporation of materials like glass, chrome, and darker woods.
  • A more open store layout, perhaps circular in nature, as opposed to the lined up display tables and counters in the middle.
  • Integrated product showcase. Example: iPhone and iPad next to each other using FaceTime, illustrating how Apple product line works together and how accessories are often cross-compatible
  • More accessory incorporation store-wide. Currently, the wall of accessories is near the Genius Bar in the back, but not particularly omnipresent on the floor.
  • Additional use of monitors and sound systems to display product features and support initial product-set up
  • NFC surprises?

What do you think the makeover will entail?

Here are some articles to jog the theories: Gizmodo, Mashable, BGR


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