UPDATE: Apple Retail 2.0

So, I may have been wrong when I said the Apple redesign wasn’t going to have me running to the mall on Sunday. My curiosity and I trekked to two Houston-area malls to check out Apple 2.0.

Early reports had mentioned that at some Apple stores, employees were donning party  hats, but no celebratory headgear was spotted here. (The heat, perhaps?)

However, what I did find was Apple’s signage transformation. Now, you can find pricing information, specs, and comparative features for every product on an iPad 2 nearby. I have to admit, the functionality is good and it’s more fun to scroll through features with a touchscreen than looking at a paper tag that could potentially be marked, crinkled, or torn.

Additionally, it is now easier to compare the different models of the same device all in one place instead of having to go back and forth between products. (Great addition if you’re shopping for a MacBook or an iPod, products that seem to have an abundance of configurations)

Finally, if you have questions about anything and absolutely cannot move from your spot in front of your favorite iProduct, there is now a button on every iPad 2 that will alert an Apple Specialist of your need for assistance. This is useful in crowded locations (all of them) because you may not be able to make your way back to the same area without battling the hoards of other Apple tourists.

All in all, the redesign wasn’t as flashy or extensive as we thought it might be,  but Apple has a habit of revealing small things occasionally that inevitably yield big buzz. There wasn’t a need to do anything drastic, and perhaps there’s something to be said for taking things a step at a time.


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