Win an iPad 2 case: Which Apple do you prefer?

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended and winners have been chosen! Our winners are: Johnnie Howell, Ryan Allen, and Emanuel Alvarez! We will be in touch via e-mail shortly.

Thank you to all who participated!


To wrap up a week of Apple news, I thought it might be fun to host this blog’s first GIVEAWAY! We recently released Apple iPad 2 ACTIVE cases, and three of you will be lucky enough to win a free case. See below for information on how to win!

We all know how much mobile technology ads inundate the TV space, and there are always some commercials that you like better than others. So, let’s take a look at the commercials for the original Apple iPad and the Apple iPad 2. Which one do you like?


iPad 2:

To win a free Apple iPad 2 ACTIVE case, provide the following information in a comment on this post: 
Which commercial you prefer, and why? Or neither?:

Giveaway ends on Friday, May 27th at 2:00 PM CST*.

*Please note that international winners are responsible for all custom duties, service charges, and taxes.


11 thoughts on “Win an iPad 2 case: Which Apple do you prefer?

  1. I like the iPad 2 commercial better, the iPad 1 commercial was more about eye candy the iPad 2 was more about functionality.

  2. I like the ipad 2 commercial better. It’s more about what the prodcut does instead of just flash which is what the ipad 1 commercial is.

  3. Which commercial you prefer, and why? Or neither?:

    I LOVED the iPad 2 Commercial! It was very informative and also, for a lack of better words, moving! It made me want to go and and get one RIGHT THEN!

  4. The only product (and i have almost every device out there) that I don’t have a highly protective Seidio case for, is my iPad2.
    it’s probably one of the most needed devices that need a
    maximum protective case.
    Be great to have ally devices I’m a Seidio case.


  5. Which commercial you prefer, and why? Or neither?:
    Definitely the Ipad 2 commercial, since that’s the one I will be receiving shortly. And this Seidio case seems to be the right case for me (case should be rugged enough to transport it inside my bicycle bags during cycle-trips).

  6. i like the ipad 2 commercial better it shows the serious side of the ipad and the power it has to offer.

  7. I prefer the commercial for the original iPad better. I think the commercial for the 2nd generation was aimed at consumers who already have the original iPad to outline the strengths of the next version. It wasn’t advertising the product features so much as telling us how it was better. For consumers who do not currently own an iPad (which is still a huge part of the population) I felt like the original commercial embraced why we love Apple…. the feature rich products that ‘wow’ us.

  8. I have to admit, I was more then a little disappointed that I didn’t win. I was looking for an alternative to the Otterbox Defender when I stumbled across your site. I need a solution to help protect my new iPad from my 2-year old twins’ fumbling hands, and your product looked perfect. It looked great without being plagued by all the negative reviews that I’m seeing for the iPad 2 Defender cases. Thank you for considering my entry.

    • Amy,

      I certainly do appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm for our case! I, too, am sorry that there couldn’t be more than three winners, but I did use a random number generator to keep the drawing as fair as possible. I hope that you will continue to read the blog and look out for further giveaway opportunities!

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