Remember the Walkman?

Do you remember cassette tapes and Walkmans? At one point, we were satisfied with listening to AM/FM radio and holding a giant metal box while we jogged around the block. The concept evolved into portable CD players, which were then followed by mp3 players. And that’s when the market exploded and iPod, Zune, SanDisk, and Creative Zen became recognizable names in the consumer electronics sphere. walkman picture courtesy of sony

I enjoyed the use of my Zune and several iPods, but after I got my first smartphone, I said goodbye to my portable friends and moved all of my music to my phone. I couldn’t enjoy that feeling of complete separation from phone calls or email like I could when my phone and music player were two different entities; however, it is convenient to have everything in one place.

I think having a separate mp3 player is a great option for those who perhaps don’t want to take on the financial burden of a smartphone and still want fun features or alternative ways to access the internet, but the smartphone replaces it for me. Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy Player soon – too late to the party? Does anyone want one?


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