Difference Between

I ran across a neat website the other day called Difference Between. This website clarifies the differences between many similar objects and terms that are often confused. I satisfied my curiosity in regards to the difference between wheat and gluten and Flickr and Picasa, but perhaps you have had questions about differences between some of our products.

While they may not be listed on Difference Between, hopefully I’ll be able to help and provide you with some useful Seidio trivia:


SURFACE: Our thinnest case (~about 1 mm), two pieces that snap together or slide-in to form one layer case, rubberized coating, felt lining on select models

ACTIVE: Slightly thicker case (~about 2.2 mm), dual-layer case – first is silicone, second is hard plastic skeleton with rubberized coating


CONVERT COMBO: Includes SURFACE case, CONVERT skin & skeleton, CONVERT Holster, and Ultimate Screen Guard

CONVERT VALUE PACK: Includes SURFACE case, CONVERT skin & skeleton, 2 holsters – CONVERT and SURFACE Holster and Ultimate Screen Guard

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: Desktop Cradles and Desktop Cradle Kits

Desktop Cradles: Include desktop cradle with removable plates (for compatibility with cases and bare devices), Micro-USB Sync & Charge cable

Desktop Cradle Kits: Includes everything above & Micro-USB High Output Folding Travel Charger

These answer some of our most commonly asked questions, but feel free to comment if you would like to know more!


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