A new hotel addition for germaphobes?

I’ve noticed that hotel TV offerings have become quite lackluster in the past few years or so. I don’t usually count the weather channel, hotel promotion channel, or the (1996?) Nintendo 64 as valuable amenities to my stay; however, in-room entertainment just got a bit more interesting.

In DirecTV’s new Residential for Hotels Experience, hotel guests will have access to anti-microbial TV remotes, the first of their kind in the hospitality industry. I am looking forward to a remote that doesn’t have a weird plastic wrap around it or have visible fingerprints.

The remote is only a small part of the media experience, however. DirecTV will also be adding over 100 HD channels for your viewing pleasure. When I’m traveling, I don’t normally make time to watch TV, but this addition may make bedtime and catching up on current events easier.

According to the press release, “The DirecTV Residential Experience for Hotels is currently testing in select properties across the country and will launch later this summer.”

Have you stayed at a hotel with some neat technological amenities? I’ve heard of iPod docks and elaborate alarm clocks, but have you seen something else that blows the anti-microbial remote out of the water?

MarketWatch (BusinessWire)


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