2B or not 2B with HTC EVO 3D

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the HTC EVO 3D for a few months, and now that it’s here, we know that you will be speeding home from the office to try out all the new features.htc evo 3d

All the power to the folks who have been reading the forums for weeks and have their favorite apps and rooting strategies picked out, but if you’re a little lost or simply are curious for some more information, here are some places you can check out for everything EVO:

EVO 3D Thread on Android Forums
EVO 3D Thread on Android Central
EVO 3D Thread on SprintUsers
EVO 3D Forums

Additional information:
A sample video of the 3D: Video
Q&A with Android and Me: Android and Me
EVO 3D vs. EVO 4G vs. EVO Shift: Comparing specs
For tutorials, app reviews, battery tips, and general EVO hurrah: Good and EVO
Thorough coverage of the EVO 3D’s different lockscreens, skins, and scenes: Extensive images of the EVO 3D
Curious about how the EVO 3d launch party? HTC & Radio Shack Launch Party
Are you a Sprint customer and still debating? Sprint 4G device options

Enjoy your HTC EVO 3D over the weekend, and don’t forget to pick up some accessories!


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