Apps for Texans

Seidio loves having our headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Houston, Texas. Our employees enjoy living in a diverse city that has an active arts scene, youthful nightlife, and a stunning selection of culinary hot spots.

Even though the temperature hovers around or above 95 degrees in the summer, we still venture out to some of our favorite places: NASA, The Houston Zoo, Museum of Fine Arts, The Galleria, Washington Avenue, and the Museum and Theater Districts.

Part of loving our city is embracing the stereotypes that attempt to characterize the entire Texas population. We don’t ride horses to school and don’t all speak with thick accents, but we are still certainly proud to be Texan.

In a vein of good fun, here are some fun Texas-themed apps you might enjoy:

1) Texas Monthly BBQ App (Free)

BBQ has a special place in the hearts of Texans, and asking someone where his/her favorite barbecue joint is a great conversation starter. This app lets you take a look at Texas Monthly magazine’s top 50 places to check out in Texas and allows you to find new restaurants and track your barbecue adventures through check ins.

2) NASA App (Free)

Houston is fondly known as the Space City in some circles, and NASA is a great part of our economy. Stay up-to-date with the latest  in the space world via NASA’s stunning images, videos, and mission updates.

3) Spanish Class App ($2.86)

Texas’s proximity to Mexico lends itself to rich cultural influence from our neighboring country. Spanish is widely spoken in the area and it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to know more of another language if we don’t already. This app isn’t free, but it has great ratings in the Android Market and seems like a great tool if you want to pick up some basics.

4)  Rodeo Houston App (Free)

Every February, Houstonians look forward to the arrival of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The event consists of a couple weeks of livestock presentations, rodeo events, concerts, cultural events, and of course lots of fun and games. If you’re visiting the area between February 28 and March 18 of 2012, be sure to stop by!

* What apps would be interesting to people from your state or country?


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