Drawing board

Customers often ask us about the product development process – how do we decide what to make? To be truthful, there are so many factors that go into deciding on which products we will produce. We consider customer feedback, sign-ups for our interest newsletters, general popularity of a device, what has been successful for similar products, the new and upcoming trends, and more.

We receive extensive feedback on a daily basis regarding products our customers wish we would make. While we do our best to ensure that there is as wide of a selection as possible for many devices, it is difficult for us to make everything that is requested. Here are some ideas that have been pitched to us that haven’t quite made the cut.

*Disclaimer: These are edited photos for entertainment purposes, not representations of actual product development or prototypes

colored active holster (ASA) Colored Holsters: The idea is fun, especially with our colored cases, but in the interest of maintaining our promise of offering accessories by professionals, for professionals, we think that these would be too flashy for business functions.

Eco-Friendly cases: We’ve heard feedback from customers who are interested in cases made out of green/sustainable materials. We’ve certainly thrown the ideas around for environmentally friendly possibilities, but right now we’ve decided to keep our focus on refining our existing products. What would you think of a wooden case? Or recyclable plastic?

Colored Battery Doors: Our super extended life batteries provide many of you with a way to get through the day without recharging your device. One of the underrated features of the battery is our battery door. We’ve heard that our signature rubberized coating on the battery door helps you maintain grip on your phone and that you enjoy the ability to keep your device looking sleek, even with the increased device width. We’ve often been asked if we’ll come out with battery doors in other colors, but black again and again comes out on top as the color people prefer to back their phone in.

Other suggestions?

Interested in leaving feedback of your own? E-mail us at feedback@seidio.com!
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