Seeing blue with Seidio and Shark Week

from discoverychannel.comThis week is a great week to be seeing blue. Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week is upon us, and we are able to once again marvel at the cultural phenomenon that has spawned from some of the planet’s most ferocious and misunderstood creatures.

From July 31-August 5th, Discovery Channel will be airing shows like Summer of the Shark, which investigates a series of shark attacks in Australia, and How Sharks Hunt, which highlights the variations in hunting techniques among shark species. Personally, I am looking most forward to a re-run of Shark Week 2001’s Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa. The cinematography and “wow factor” of this particular documentary featuring leaping sharks is amazing.

Feel free to pick up a blue Seidio case to accompany your week-long enthusiasm for the ocean. Sapphire Blue is one of our most requested colors for phone cases and even for the iPad 2.

Check out the episode guide, Facebook page, and Shark Week apps for more information on how to stay in the underwater loop this week via your television and smartphone. And just for kicks, check out the Shark Cam at the Georgia Aquarium and see if you can spot your favorite toothy friends.


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