Etsy and creative smartphone companions

From 9 to 5, Seidio knows that you look for accessories to maintain your professional lifestyle. You pass on the neon colors and flashy textures and go for our solid-colored, sleek cases. You choose our extended life batteries to help you get through the day without constantly reaching for the outlet. We know that’s why you choose us and we look forward to providing mobile professionals with a system of solutions that work together.

That said, some users want to inject some more playful aspects into their smartphone experiences, and we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the creations that have emerged as a result.

from dedalo on - Show off your style and OS preference with this classy tie clip!

from Craftsquatch on - Accessorize your home with your favorite smartphone icons!

from coollikethat on

from coollikethat on - Musically inclined?

from CreatureLab on - Something different for your iPad!

Images and product showcases are for entertainment purposes only and are property of their respective owners. Seidio does not endorse products or stores on Etsy.


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