History of the Seidio ACTIVE

For those of you who are Team ACTIVE, you will be happy to know that we are beginning a month full of ACTIVE surprises and fun. To kick-0ff this period of excitement, we wanted to share some insider info about the history of this popular case!


We engineered the ACTIVE for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle and were searching for a smartphone case that was somewhere between the SURFACE and our CONVERT –  a case that provided protection, but lacked bulk.

We made two versions, though the ACTIVE X  is the one you are probably most familiar with.

For the ACTIVE X, we combined the aesthetic appeal of a two-toned design with a shock-absorbing layer of silicone and a durable, arachnid-esque plastic skeleton. One of the first ACTIVE X cases we made was for the HTC EVO 4G (see picture) as an Amazon exclusive and remains as such. Since then, we have brought the ACTIVE X design to Seidioonline.com.

Soon after came our Combos, including the ACTIVE Holster, as well as the addition of finger grooves for added grip. We also produced a solid-backed version of the ACTIVE for some of our more popular phone models to provide more variety and gauge interest in that design.

SNAP for the iPhone 3G/3GS

As a fun fact, did you know that the ACTIVE X design originated from customer feedback about our SNAP? Several of you enjoyed the curve design on the back of the SNAP, so we used that as a basis for the ACTIVE skeleton shape.

The success of the ACTIVE line drove us to create the ACTIVE for tablets, made popular by our ACTIVE for Apple iPad 2 and for Samsung Galaxy Tab. The ACTIVE for tablets features several of the familiar aspects of the smartphone case, but has a few outstanding components of its own, like the multipurpose cover and stand. 

Hope you enjoyed learning more about one of our favorite products! Stay tuned for a blog exclusive giveaway in the next couple of weeks and don’t forget to take advantage of 15% off all ACTIVE accessories. See our Facebook and Twitter for promotions and other news!


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