An ACTIVE Giveaway!

EDIT: Everyone’s a winner since we had 3 cases to give away! I’ve sent an email to everyone who commented – congratulations and thanks for playing!


Interested in winning one of our ACTIVE cases for your phone? Then, keep reading!

Ever have the feeling that everyone around you has the same phone? I remember when I used to have an iPhone and I felt like everyone in the dentist’s office or at the grocery store had an iPhone too. If I ever lost my phone, I’m not sure if describing it as “an iPhone with a black case” would really differentiate it much from all of the others.

Fortunately for smartphone users, there are other ways to customize your device to make it yours. Of course you can choose more distinguishing accessories (hint hint), but you can also choose a unique launcher, home screen layout, or wallpaper. If you have an iPhone, this article from mentions 75 Apps to Customize your iPhone Wallpaper, so check it out if you’ve been looking for new ways to spice up your screen.

How do you customize your device? Have a favorite wallpaper? Cool widgets? Awesome launcher? Tell me what makes your phone unique in the comments and have a chance to win an ACTIVE case! Write a comment, be entered once. Show me a picture of your home screen, and be entered twice!

Looking forward to your creativity!

Don’t forget about other opportunities to win free stuff on our Facebook (Current contest: Make a 30 second video!) and on our Twitter. (Show off your ACTIVE trivia knowledge!)

Giveaway rules:
– Giveaway runs from Friday, August 26th – Friday, September 2nd (until midnight CST)
– 3 winners will be randomly selected to win an ACTIVE case for their phone (iPad 2/Galaxy Tab ACTIVE not included)
– One entry per person, limited to participants in the United States
– For more about our ACTIVE cases, visit:


3 thoughts on “An ACTIVE Giveaway!

  1. My phone looks unique by use of Ghost Armor’s all white and canvas designed Uni-body skin! I have a black iPhone 4, so the skin gives it the appearance of the white iPhone 4 with black accents! As the device is almost “naked” I also use the Seidio “Naked” Holster! To further distinguish my device from others, I was interested in the white Active case (for its black and white design) for added protection.

    As I am submitting this via iPhone Safari Mobile and cannot attach the picture of my home screen, I have consolidated my MANY apps into twelve folders with my most heavily used apps on the bottom row and iPhone dedicated apps on the static row! I also have a cute photo of my girlfriend & I at a family bar-b-q!

  2. It’s all in the lock screen wallpaper. Of recent, however, I just custom designed a Zagg invisishield skin to cover the back.

  3. My phone is unique for its rotating backgrounds from photos I have taken on my “active” travels. This one shows the incredibly blue water in Cozumel. I happily share the photos with anyone who asks! This case would nicely protect my HTC EVO 4G! 🙂

    Here’s my home screen…

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