Travel Update: EMS World Expo – Las Vegas, NV

From August 30th-September 2nd, the Seidio crew took on Las Vegas for the annual EMS World Expo (co-hosted with Firehouse Central and Law Enforcement Expo). This Expo is the largest EMS event in North America and we were thrilled to join the exhibit for a second year.

It was truly our pleasure to interact with the paramedics, law enforcement, firefighters, and military men and women that tell us again and again how we are able to provide solutions with our smarter mobile accessories. We have lots of fans of our 2″ clips on our CONVERT holsters that allow you to clip the holster onto your duty belt without fear! We couldn’t thank all of you enough for your service to your communities and our country.

As far as phones go, surprisingly, we saw a lot of Droid 2/2 Globals out there in addition to the favorites: EVO 4G and iPhone 4. Keep the pride going, Motorola folks. We have lots in store for the Droid 3 and Droid Bionic, so stay tuned. Remember, the best way to let us know that you want accessories for your device is to add your name to our device specific sign-up list!

In addition to phone surprises, we were happily greeted on one of the mornings by a lovely gift from our friends at Law Enforcement Expo. Meet Emmie! Emmie has a nice home with the marketing team back in Houston and she is anxiously awaiting the next trade show. Thanks to all those who came by!

Look for us soon at Big Android BBQ in Austin, TX!


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