Smartphone and tablet friendly airports

If there’s any one place where people are always on-the-go with their smartphones, it’s the airport. It’s almost hard to remember what the airport was like before the advent of cell phones and smartphone games. (Maybe it was quieter?)

When I’m at my gate, I usually whip out my phone and check my favorite social media sites and my email. On a recent trip, I decided to put down my phone for the duration of my airport visit and simply observe the behavior of those around me.

I was not surprised to find that every third person was engaging in some sort of smartphone/tablet activity. Travelers were playing games, chatting about vacation plans, obtaining status reports from the office, and reading the news.

That said, do you know if the airport you’re flying through is compatible with your mobile habits?

Here are some tidbits to help you stay connected while you travel domestically:

a) Wi-Fi Free Spot does its best to maintain an accurate list of airports carrying free wi-fi connections: Check it out!

b) The following airlines offer Wi-FI access for a nominal fee when you’re in the air: Southwest, Delta, American, United, and more!

c) Need a charging station? Keep your eye out for Charge Carte (by our friendly neighborhood Smart Carte) rapid chargers ($3.00 for a quick charge), gate-area charging stations around Delta gates, a Samsung charging station, or other dedicated charging sections like at the Denver International Airport.

d) Forget your headphones at home? Dropped your iPod and now it doesn’t work? Find a Best Buy Express Kiosk at select airports!


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