Product announcement: Charging Vault, an all new product from Seidio!

We are more than excited to welcome a new member to our Seidio family of products today. We’d like to introduce you to Charging Vault, a new power solution that allows you to take compact, rechargeable power with you.

Charging Vault has been in development for quite some time now, and we have been looking forward to the unveiling. It functions both as a wall charger and as an extended battery.

It alleviates the worry of trying to find an outlet when you’re traveling from place to place and keeps things simple. Plug in your Charging Vault before you leave your home, toss it in your bag, and enjoy the freedom to charge anywhere. This product features an internal battery of 2200mAh, making it a great alternative to extended batteries without the bulk.

In addition to being compact, the Charging Vault is practical. If you purchase the Kit, you’ll receive the Vault and a Retractable Dual-Head Sync & Charge Cable. The cable enables compatibility with both Micro-USB and Apple devices. Great for universal gift-giving (or for yourself!).

To learn more about our newest addition, please visit our Charging Vault page here.

Or visit and click on the Universal Products page at the top of the New and Popular menu.


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