E-reader wars continue

E-reader manufacturers have been, er, on fire, lately.

Amazon’s latest addition to the Kindle family, the Kindle Fire, is scheduled for launch November 15th, good news for the thousands of folks who pre-ordered the $199-priced 7″ tablet. Admirers praise the dual-core processor, the sleek, black hardware, and Amazon integration.

With Borders closing its doors and the Kobo e-reader headed into endangered species land, the playing field now consists of only the two main players: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

We’ve seen what Amazon has up their sleeves for the holiday season, but it won’t be until tomorrow morning that we see what’s in store for Nook fans. Barnes and Noble is holding a press event tomorrow morning at 10 AM EST, and we’re guessing it’s got something to do with a new Nook Color.

Between Best Buy dropping $50 off the original Nook Color and reported leaks on BGR, we wouldn’t be surprised if the newest Nook Color came out with a bang. Sources speculate that the form factor will remain the same, with just a boost to the internal features, but I’m hoping that we’ll see a refresh of the build, perhaps with a larger screen and less weight.

I think the rubberized back and SD card slot should stay, but who knows? It gets harder to make drastic refreshes when manufacturers have to keep coming up with the next best thing to keep up with the competition.

Follow along with BGR or The Verge for a live blog of the event tomorrow. We’ll be watching too, so feel free to sound off in the comments after the event.



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