Kindle Fire!

This week, there’s no question that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is stealing the stage. The icing on the cake? It shipped a day early!

The early release prompted an influx of early adopter/blogger reviews, and so far, it looks like the sparks are flying. Some of our favorite fiery features are the battery life (8 hours of continuous reading remains competitive, especially for this mid-size device) and full Amazon integration (access to books, magazines, movies, and music is centralized, no need to go back and forth between apps) Keep your eyes peeled for Hulu Plus and Netflix, too!

The form factor is familiar, so nothing too incredible there, but it still fits nicely in the hand and is practical for business travelers, teenagers, and conference-goers alike.

Keeping the $199 price point in mind, the Kindle Fire is a welcome addition to the tablet market in a struggling economy. Keep your expectations realistic (it is not an iPad and is not trying to be an iPad) and you will enjoy this svelte media machine.

No smokescreens here – check out a few reviews for yourself and let us know your thoughts! Worth it? Over hyped? Waiting for iPad 3? Nook Tablet fan? Why?

Reviews from The Verge, Technolog (MSNBC), Engadget, and Techland from TIME.

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