The Evolution of Technology – and Seidio

Smart phones and the technology behind them have evolved significantly in the last year and a half. These devices have always allowed users to text, check e-mails and browse the web relatively quickly. Manufacturers took it a step further when they began to build phones with added capabilities in 2010 but the networks were still a little behind. Watching television shows or movies meant there was lag time and streaming was often interrupted.

Beginning late last year, major carriers have improved their networks, with Verizon and AT&T launching their LTE networks. With faster networks, you don’t have to worry about lag time while you are streaming a clip on YouTube or a show on Hulu.

We’ve made changes to our product line as well by providing more extended life batteries, developing the Charging Vault and offering cases wImageith kickstands for more phone models. This year we added a kickstand to some models of our SURFACE and ACTIVE cases so you can prop up your device while catching up on your shows.

Kickstands have not become an integral feature, like our soft-touch coating, of our cases yet, but should they be? Will kickstands be a necessity for the smart phones of the future?

Feel free to sound off and let us know if kickstands or any other feature is the deciding factor for you.


11 thoughts on “The Evolution of Technology – and Seidio

  1. I see that there is a new active case with kickstand for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 phone. I happen to have a Samsung Epic 4g Touch Galaxy S2 and would REALLY like a kickstand case for my phone, as I often watch videos. Thanks!

  2. I would love to see an ACTIVE X case (in different colors) for the iPhone 4/S with a kickstand! It gets a bit cumbersome, propping up my phone against a cup while I watch netflix.

    • I would prefer the Active case with a kickstand to provide better protection for the phone. I would pick the kickstand over the non-kickstand case without hesitation.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I want to pass this along to our development group and have a few questions! Since we have many case lines, do you prefer the kickstand on the SURFACE or the ACTIVE? Would you pick one case line over the other because it had a kickstand?

  4. My wife & I both owned EVO 4gs then both switched to 3D. First we were teased with promises of the HTC case w/ a metal kickstand that never got released. Next came the Seidio case with the “cardboard”…I mean plastic stand for which I had to settle. Now I am further insulted by the “great” news of the release of a case w/ metal stand for…not the faithful EVO 3D owners…but for the iPhone?! Really?! Come on Seidio!!! I miss my (metal) kickstand!

    • I’m sorry about that Paris. We did begin designing kickstands in plastic and have been working since then to improve. I hope you still enjoy the functionality of the kickstand on your case. I will pass along your request for metal kickstands on all devices. Although we won’t be developing one for the HTC EVO 3D, we may have one for a future device you own!

  5. Hi,
    I currently own the Galaxy S2 through T-Mobile. After researching everywhere, I’ve noticed no companies make cool kickstand cases for this T-Mobile version???? It was so upsetting as I LOVE kickstand cases, especially in different colors like pink, white & grey, etc……and this is something I buy right away when I get a new phone. T-Mobile only had 2 very basic and simple kickstand cases available, so I had to buy those. I noticed that AT&T & Sprint versions have alot of these cases….but only for these 2 carriers. See my point?? It would be so great, & really a dream come true for me, if you guys cluld PLEASE make a variety of kickstand cases, in the colors I mentioned above and possibly in others, for the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S2!!! I would be so happy and would buy one in each color no doubt!! Would it really be that hard?? I know alot of people who have the T-Mobile version….many people do. I wonder why no companies are making tbese kickstand cases for this version?? It really bothers me…I just don’t get it?? You would be very surprised how many people would buy them!!!! You certainly would look very good in everybody’s eyes!!!!
    And, you would be the only company doing it!! What profit you’d make!! Ha! Ha! It would be awrsome if you would get back to me on this to let me very T-Mobile only had 2 …simple kickstand cases, your most basic & simple you could say, available

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