Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide


If you are trying to avoid the crowded parking lots and packed malls and shopping centers this holiday season, we have complied a gift guide that will allow you to shop from the comfort of your home! While online shopping is nothing new, we have included some great ideas for the techie in your life that cannot put down their smart phone. Some great applications are free and great for use year around, while other useful apps are inexpensive.

Sincerely – Application available on both the Android market and iPhone App store
Sincerely is a great app for the card or photo lover in your life. Simplify sending cards or printing photographs for him or her by gifting them with one of these great apps. Sincerely offers a variety of apps; the Dotti app takes 12 shots and delivers the prints to your door and Sincerely Inc allows users to snap a shot, add a holiday background and submit it to be mailed out. Other great apps allow users to send postcards and photo booth cards.

Epicurious – Application available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone for free
The holidays and food go hand in hand, but being in charge of the whole meal or even just one item can be stressful. Epicurious is not just a large catalogue of recipes, it makes shopping simple too. Simply add a recipe to your shopping list and it will organize the ingredients by grocery store sections, eliminating emergency trips to the grocery store!

TripIt – Application available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone for free
TripIt makes traveling easier. Now you don’t have to fumble around looking for your flight itinerary, hotel and car rental reservations that are in three different e-mails. Not only will everything you need be in a central location, you can also track your flight and check your terminal from the app itself.

Back to Basics Toaster and Egg Poacher – Pricing varies
With this 3-in-1 you’ll cook breakfast everyday! Toast a few slices of bread, warm meat and cook eggs all in one device. Not only does it speed up cooking, cleaning is a lot easier with this all in one appliance! Now the smart phone addict in your life can make breakfast without putting down his or her phone!

Seidio’s System of Accessories – Pricing varies based on accessories
Seidio offers a system of accessories for your device. While many other accessory manufacturers focus on cases alone, we want to provide users a system that works together with their device in order to bring efficiency into customers’ busy lifestyles. We develop our Desktop Cradles and Innodock Jr.’s knowing that many professionals like to dock their phones while using the case they purchased to protect their device. Why not make a co-worker, friend, or loved one’s life easier by getting them a system of accessories that fits their device and their lifestyle? Show now at



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