Product announcement: SURFACE™ & CONVERT® Plus, all new power accessories from Seidio!

The first few days of April have brought more than showers to our headquarters in Houston! We have just released some exciting new accessories that we have been working on for some time. We would like to introduce you to SURFACE Plus and CONVERT Plus, accessories that provide power plus protection for the Apple iPhone 4/4S.

In true Seidio fashion, the cases are part of our full line of power accessories. You may have seen other power cases for Apple devices, but the SURFACE Plus and CONVERT Plus are different. These cases have removable batteries so you can buy our spare battery, the Innocell 1700mAh Replacement Battery, and pop it in when you need another power boost. Not only that, you can charge the battery and your phone at the same time (through an outlet or USB port) with our Multi-Function Battery Charger

For those that do not want to give up the protection rugged cases have to offer when choosing a power case, the CONVERT Plus is the perfect option. The first power case on the market that is both rugged and convertible, allows users to convert between rugged and sleek protection, depending on their needs, all while keeping their iPhone charged and powered up.

Additionally, we designed holsters that are compatible for each case and provided color options for those that like to express their personalities through their case.

To learn more about our newest product additions, please visit our SURFACE™ Plus and CONVERT® Plus page here.

Or visit and browse through our Apple iPhone 4/4S accessories. We have a special deal for early adopters. Purchase a Plus case between now and April 5th and we will give you the Innocell 1700mAh Replacement Battery for free. Check back here to find out how you can win one of these innovative cases!


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