SURFACE™ Plus & CONVERT® Plus Giveaway!

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the wonderful responses we received! We have sent an email to our two lucky winners! Congratulations and thanks for playing!Image

Calling all iPhone 4/4S Battery Hogs! FREE SURFACE™ Plus & CONVERT® Plus Giveaway!

Does your iPhone 4/4S not make it through the day? Do you find yourself searching for an outlet every couple of hours? Do you need just a little more power to finish that last level on Angry Birds? Fret no more iPhone users! Seidio has a solution that will have your iPhone 4/4S back in action while still on-the-go, and we want to give you one for FREE!

Why limit what the iPhone 4/4S can do for you? Our new SURFACE™ Plus and CONVERT® Plus cases give you power on-the-go. Now you will never miss that phone call, text message, or email. Better yet, you will have plenty of power to use all those apps that your friends can’t ever use because their phones keep dying. PLUS, these are the first iPhone 4/4S power cases with a removable battery, certified by Apple!

Have you ever had your phone die during an important phone call? While waiting for a text from that special someone? Right before your car broke down in the middle of rush hour traffic? Let us know! Write a comment below about why you need this power case for your iPhone 4/4S to be entered for the chance to win either a SURFACE™ Plus or CONVERT® Plus case!

Image     Image

Giveaway Rules:

  •  Giveaway runs from Friday, May 4th – Monday, May 7th (until midnight CST)
  •  2 winners will be randomly selected to win (one winner will win a SURFACE™ Plus case and the other will win a CONVERT® Plus case)
  •  One entry per person, limited to participants in the United States
  •  For more about our SURFACE™ Plus & CONVERT® Plus cases, visit:

5 thoughts on “SURFACE™ Plus & CONVERT® Plus Giveaway!

  1. I desperately need one for my Dad’s iPhone 4S! I bought him one for his birthday in February, and I(we as a family) can’t afford to have him go w/o his battery charged at all times. He doesn’t have a case as of right now, and it would be great to have your Seidio product along with his iPhone.

  2. The convert plus case is the best protection you can buy for your iPhone investment hope I win fingers crossed

  3. This is such a great gadget that would enable me to continue conversations throughout the day as we plan for our 19th year of the kids summer camp we run! Trying to coordinate everything drains my 4S so much! Thanks for offering this power-up!

  4. My wife’s iPhone could use a little extra juice to get through the day sometimes… why shouldn’t it be in style?

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