SEIDIO 101 – How Do You Pronounce Seidio?

We are starting a fresh new blog series here at Seidio called SEIDIO 101. We will be answering questions from you, the customer, as well some frequently asked questions that we see on a daily basis. All in an effort to make our products more accessible and easy to understand for you!

Naturally, our first SEIDIO 101 segment is going to be a stripped down straight-forward explanation of how to say our name. Simply put, the name can be separated into two separate portions that will make it easier to pronounce. The first portion (Sei-) can be said as “Say” with the second portion (-dio) being pronounced as “dee-o.” Putting it all together would look like “Say-dee-o.”

There is no big back story, explanation for the name or definition that we can give you, it’s simply our name and we love it! Be sure to check back with us at the first of every month for a new entry in the series!

Got a question you want us to answer in our SEIDIO 101 blog series?? Leave us a comment below and it might show up as an entry in this series!


One thought on “SEIDIO 101 – How Do You Pronounce Seidio?

  1. Seidio + galaxy S3 = good times during any times! Please consider me for your current contest giveaway. I would bring great use to it and the peace of mind would bring great peace to me.

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