SEIDIO 101 – Seidio Company History

Welcome back to our new blog series, SEIDIO 101. In our last entry, we discussed how to correctly pronounce our name. Today we are going to give you a little background information about ourselves.

SEIDIO began in 2002 as a PDA accessory manufacturer, but as PDA’s merged with phones, we saw the beginning emergence of the smartphone industry.  SEIDIO caught the industry changes early on, and moved towards developing innovative and carefully engineered accessories for smartphones. Revolutionary features like our “rubberized” soft touch coating can now be found on many competitive products, but though we’re often imitated, we’re never been duplicated.

As pioneers in our field, we continuously strive to be front-runners in an ever-changing market. To do this, we use our years of experience and valuable customer feedback to bring new ideas to fruition.

We hope you enjoyed this brief look at our company’s history. Be sure to check back with us at the first of every month for a new entry in the series!

Got a question you want us to answer in our SEIDIO 101 blog series?? Leave us a comment below and it might show up as an entry in the series!


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