Thoughts about the Summer Olympics 2012

Today marks the 13th day of Summer Olympics of 2012! We have had a lot of fun cheering for our countries and favorite athletes. Watching the Olympics got us thinking about our cases.

Photo from Track Town USA

If you like track and field, perhaps you would be interested in our SURFACE cases. The thin and sleek profile of the SURFACE lets you pull out your smartphone quickly out of your pocket.

Photo from U.S.A. Olympic Gymnastics Team’s Facebook

What about for all the gymnastic lovers? We are very proud of Gabby Douglas for winning the Woman’s Individual All-Around! We suggest our ACTIVE cases for your inner gymnast. They provide enough protection to take a tumble, but still remain sleek and trim.

Photo from USA Weightlifting

Our CONVERT would be perfect for weightlifters! This case definitely has the muscle to protect your smartphone in more rugged environments. It is also our most popular choice for police officers, construction workers, and firefighters.

Which sports and athletes have you been following during the London Summer 2012 Olympics? Leave a comment below and let us know!


One thought on “Thoughts about the Summer Olympics 2012

  1. Though Apple provided the basic accessories required to use the iPhone, like most special things, it came into the world naked. So after investing $500 to $600 on an iPhone it only makes prudent sense to invest a few extra dollars in an iPhone case to protect it.

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