SEIDIO 101 – The Difference Between the SURFACE and CONVERT

Hello again and thank you for joining us for another segment of SEIDIO 101! Yesterday, Xabian, one of our readers, left a comment asking us the difference between our SURFACE and CONVERT holsters. We would like to take an opportunity to answer this question in today’s post!

SURFACE Combo for use with Samsung Galaxy S III in Sage. Included is the SURFACE case and matching SURFACE Holster.

First, consider the cases themselves. The SURFACE case is our slimmest and sleekest case available. Most are less than 0.2cm thick. The thinness of this case, along with our signature soft-touch coating, make this case the pick of professionals. The SURFACE provides excellent scratch protection and also protects your camera lens by raising it away from a flat surface. It is also easy to slip in and out of a pocket or you can carry it with its matching SURFACE Holster!

The CONVERT is our most rugged and durable case available. It’s a 2-in-1 case that starts with a SURFACE case. A rugged silicone skin and plastic skeleton fit over the SURFACE case to make 3 layers of protection. With the 3 layers of protection, this case is much thicker than the SURFACE. It ranges from 0.4 to 0.5 cm in thickness. The outer skeleton is sandblasted for a more durable texture. This case is a favorite for police officers and firemen.

Now for the holsters. They are both spring-loaded and can swivel up to 7 different directions. They are also felt-lined to protect the phone’s screen when placed in the holster. Also, the SURFACE Holster must be used with its SURFACE case and the CONVERT Holster must be used with the CONVERT Case.

CONVERT Add-On Kits come with a rugged silicone skin, plastic skeleton, and CONVERT Holster

Given the size differences between the cases, the SURFACE Holster is smaller to accommodate the thinner case. The CONVERT Holster is bigger as the CONVERT Case is thicker than the SURFACE. The CONVERT Holster also has two exclusive features:

  1. The Lock: All CONVERT holsters have an optional locking mechanism at the top provides extra security.
  2. Longer Belt-Clip: All of our other holsters have a regular belt-clip size of 1.5 inches. The CONVERT comes with a holster that features a 2 inch belt-clip to fit over larger utility and duty belts.

We hope that this answers your question, Xabian! If you or any other readers have any more questions that can be answered in our SEIDIO 101 series, please feel free to leave us a comment!


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