SEIDIO 101 – The SEIDIO Ecosystem

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Welcome back to our blog series, SEIDIO 101. Here at Seidio, we make several kinds of accessories and they all work together in what we call the Seidio Ecosystem. In our last SEIDIO 101 post, we talked about the differences between the SURFACE and the CONVERT.  With that, one can see how our holsters work with our cases. But there is so much more to our Seidio Ecosystem.

Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery in Glossed White for the Samsung Galaxy S III Coming Soon!

Perhaps you discover you need more battery life to get through the day using your Samsung Galaxy S III. You pick up our Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery with NFC. Then, you decide that extra protection is needed. We have the SURFACE Extended and the ACTIVE Extended with Metal Kickstand that are compatible with our battery- and, yes, there are holster options available for when you are on the go.

Desktop Charging Cradle for Samsung Galaxy S III

For even more power, you can drop your tricked out Samsung Galaxy S III into our Desktop Charging Cradle. Everything is compatible. There is no need to remove your case or your battery to charge your device. Our accessories fit together in the Seidio Ecosystem.

Vist our website for more information about the Seidio Ecosystem:

Have any additional questions about Seidio that you would like to be answered in our SEIDIO 101 series? Leave your question in the comments!


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