Poll: Next OBEX Device?

Hello all,

As you all know, Seidio has released our first waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the OBEX! It is under development for the Apple iPhone 5, so please keep checking our website or receive email updates by sending an email here: iphone5@seidio.com

What should the next device be to see an OBEX? Vote in our poll or leave a comment!

For more information about the OBEX, please visit our website: http://www.seidio.com/obex


20 thoughts on “Poll: Next OBEX Device?

  1. Galaxy note 2. Everyone else is sleeping on this phone. Otterbox for the GN2 is terrible. Nobody else really makes a good case for it. Been using your cases on the last 2 phones including my original note. Seidio knows how to please their customers.

  2. Please, please,… Make an Obex for the Samsung Galaxy note 2. Ive noticed in the voting poles that is the most popular candidate. I realize that is gonna be a challenge with the S pen and all, but I’m sure you can do it. Plus I’d love to see some other options like color combinations and designs. Since this case isn’t available for such a large verity of phones, the color combo thing shouldn’t be a problem. I know afew folks that buy the iphone just because of the available case designs. Id gladly give over 100 bucks for a cammo Obex for my note 2. I have the otterbox for mine, and it’s protection, but with that physical key not covered, dust gets in really easy and that’s a big reason why I’m looking into an Obex.

    • Hello Brian,

      Thank you for your interest in Seidio products! We are forwarding each and every request, especially for an OBEX for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, to the appropriate department. However, we still do not have any finalized plans. To receive updates for new products for the Note 2, please send an email here: galaxynote2@seidio.com

  3. Hi,
    You should definitely make the next OBEX for the Galaxy Note 2. I like to do shallow dives with my wife and son and we all have the Note 2. As of right now, we use a FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case but it is not made specifically for the Note so it’s hard to use. Plus, when we are on land, we have to change the case for the Otter Box. My bud has the OBEX for the S3 and it is the best case by far. The color of the case is not a huge deal, but if you had a REALTREE Camo option, I would pay extra for it.

    • Hello Brandon,

      Thank you for your suggestion! It is greatly appreciated and has been forwarded to the appropriate department. Unfortunately, we are unable to make an OBEX for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 due to the S-Pen. The OBEX is designed to be a waterproof everyday case and obstructing the S-pen would take away from the functionality of the Note 2. Thank you for your understanding.

      • I’m very surprised to hear that your engineering department has such a lack of skill when it comes to developing an obex for the note 2. Makes me question myself when thinking about buying any of your products. You could always use a screw in rubber plug where the s pen goes, kind of like on the headphone jack with the life proof cases of the I phone. Sure is gonna be bulky but who cares. That’s what attracted most of us to the note 2 to begin with.

      • Hello Brian,

        Thank you for your comments. While the S-Pen functionality is one of the reasons why we have decided to not make an OBEX for the Note 2, that was not the only factor or consideration. Your feedback has also been forwarded to product development. We hope you consider our CONVERT with Metal Kickstand Combo as it offers our most rugged protection for the Note 2!

      • Well, I have to admit that I really do like the way you guys take time out for the consumer. It means allot. I’ve never tried any other case other than otterbox. The waterproof idea got my attention. I’d be glad to try that other case if you wanna “donate” one to me. Might just sell me for life to your company. Maybe even recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you guys again for taking my thoughts into consideration.

      • Hello Brian,

        Unfortunately, we aren’t doing a giveaway at this time. However, we are offering 20% off for Father’s Day using coupon code DAD2013 until 11:59PM, CST on June 14, 2013!

  4. I don’t care if I lose the spen, as, I personally don’t think I would be using it under water. So, removing the spen functionality while in the case, is something that many others, including myself, wouldn’t mind, as a swap for the increased protection.

    • Hello Dan,

      Thank you for your comments your feedback is greatly appreciated and has been forwarded to product development. You may be interested in our CONVERT with Metal Kickstand Combo. It is our most durable protection for the Note 2.

  5. I have a note 2 please let me know when this case is available. I have used nothing but otterbox on all my phone’s but if you offer a dust/ water proof case I would make the switch in a minute… I work in construction for me this case is a must have.
    I wouldn’t mind if I had to lose the s pen when in the case.

    • Hello Shawn,

      Unfortunately, we are not making the OBEX for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. We apologize for the inconvenience. Your request has been forwarded to product development. You may be interested in our CONVERT with Metal Kickstand Combo. It is popular with construction workers and police officers!

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