HTC One and Samsung GALAXY S4 LEDGER Giveaway!

If you have been following this blog, you are familiar our sleek and slim SURFACE line, our dual-layered ACTIVE, our 2-in-1 case CONVERT, and our waterproof OBEX. We are excited to introduce our newest line, the LEDGER and LEDGER View Flip Cases!

The LEDGER is for the Samsung GALAXY S4 and the HTC One. Sporting a dark gray or red, the Italian Polyurethane flip cover offers a cloth-like texture and guards your privacy while remaining stylish. The back of the case is thin yet provides perimeter protection for your device unlike most flip cases.

The interior slot carries an ID or credit card for your convenience.

Unique to the Galaxy S4 LEDGER and LEDGER View, is an integrated magnet in the cover. This magnet helps conserve battery life by activating the sleeper function. When the LEDGER cover closes, it automatically turns off the screen of the Galaxy S4. When the cover opens, the screen awakens.

The LEDGER View for the Samsung GALAXY S4 has all the features of the LEDGER and a window that allows you to answer phone calls and view notifications without opening the cover.

As part of the introduction to this new line, we would like to giveaway an HTC One LEDGER and a Samsung Galaxy S4 LEDGER or LEDGER View, one winner for each!

To enter, please leave a comment on this post stating:
– If you have an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4
– What interests you the most about the LEDGER

Blog Giveaway Rules:
– Giveaway runs through Thursday, August 1, 2013 to Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 11:59PM, CST
– Two winners will be randomly selected to win either an HTC One LEDGER or a Samsung Galaxy S4 LEDGER or a Samsung Galaxy S4 LEDGER View in either dark gray or red
– One entry per person, limited to participants in the United States


24 thoughts on “HTC One and Samsung GALAXY S4 LEDGER Giveaway!

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I like the ledger view because it protects the screen and you can do basic actions and view basic info without opening the case.

  2. Seidio is the company I refer people to the most! I have been a fan of the Covert Combo and loved playing in the water with the iPhone 5 Obex. The Ledger would be a great addition to my new Galaxy S4 (would make a nice gift to some friends too).

  3. For Galaxy S4. The LEDGER is great because it’s accessible, yet has added protection for the screen and includes a card slot. I also like the LEDGER View’s screen functionality when closed.

  4. I have a HTC One and the ledger looks like it would protect my screen and the back of my phone at the same time. Plus it doesn’t have the hassle of installing a screen protector (lining it up just perfectly).

  5. I would love the htc one ledger.
    What I love about it is that it makes it look sophisticated and offers protection plus it’s convenient. And with my various businesses it will be a perfect companion.

  6. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4. I.would love the ledger because the flip part can cover the screen when not in use and the view one is awesome to see notifications all in a convenient window or to answer the call without opening the flip. Seidio is the best case company always making quality cases. I would love to win

  7. I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 and would love to have this cover. The thing I like most about this cover is the protection it seems to offer. I have used Seido covers for the past years on my other devices and have always loved them. This offers the Seidio protection with the flip cover option which I love.

  8. S4. Plain and simple, the view just does a better job than the OEM version. Seidio listens to the consumer when it comes to product design.

  9. I have a Galaxy S4. The cover looks stylish and is highly functional. It represents a more customer-centric cover versus those offered by Samsung.

  10. I have a HTC One. The cover looks better than rest of the stuff that’s out there. Will definitely use one to protect my phone. Good job Seidio!

  11. Oh my god, the LEDGER is the answer to all my dreams. I have always desired a phone case that was like me. Otterbox has too many to choose from, and I’ve long outgrown my sparkly-nail-polish-and-new-boyfriend-every-month teenager phase to get a Hard Candy. Then I came across Seidio, where their series names actually make sense. ACTIVE is for…active people! The CONVERT…converts for you!

    Now the LEDGER was a little strange to me at first. A ledger is a file in which an accountant records monetary transactions. Bor-ing. But wait…surely Seidio must be referencing that deliciously handsome actor that unfortunately passed away right before that depressing superhero movie that nobody knows about got released. Yes, that must be it! How eloquent. I was still looking for that final cinch, that umph factor that meant the case was for me. Then I read the description phrases: “sporting a dark grey or red”, “cloth-like texture”, “guards your privacy while remaining stylish.” Huzzah! I too, sport dark grey or red skin with a cloth-like texture due to obsessive compulsive scratching of my dry, eczema-racked skin. I also like to guard my private parts, especially while remaining stylish. This case and I are a match made in heaven.

    As for the giveaway, I don’t have either phone. Heck, I actually don’t want to enter the giveaway. Why? Because I love Seidio, and I love it so much that I WANT to spend tons of my minimum-wage Mickey D’s paycheck on Seidio products, especially if I don’t even need them. However, if Seidio requires that every poster enters the giveaway, I shall happily oblige and request the dark grey LEDGER (ah, that name just rolls sweetly off my tongue) Samsung Galaxy S4 case, which I would sell to the black market to get funds to buy more Seidio products. ❤

  12. i have galaxy s4 and the ledger is the case i been looking for the ledger offers great protection with the flip and has ledger view which is perfect to see the time without opening the case it would be a great case until you guys release the obex for the s4 which i been waiting for since it was announced hope its release soon

  13. Samsung gs4
    It is awesome that you don’t have to even open the case to do some simple tasks. plus the it adds more protection than the stock Samsung one.

  14. I have a Galaxy S4 with the Samsung view flip case, but it offers no protection, so I’m most interested in the back of the Ledger View!

  15. I would love this case because I am always looking for a top of the line case for my galaxy s4 but can never find one that interests me or meets my needs. I am about to leave for college and would love to get this case to protect and ease my phone during my college experience.i will show all my fellow galaxy s4 users this as well because of the great quality that sedio seems to offer.

  16. I have the galaxy S4 and I like the Ledger because it protects the entire phone and it puts it to sleep if I forget. I really like the Ledger view because you don’t even have to open it to check the time. Also, I can’t wait for the S4 obex to be released.

  17. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I really like the Ledger because it’s basically the most techiest and smartest case ever! The most thing I like about it is when I flip the case to it’s end, the Galaxy will go to sleep. So I don’t need to keep pressing the lock button over and over again. Overall, I think this case is a really good case!

  18. For quite some time, I have been looking for a case that looks good on the S4, but also offers protection. The LEDGER fits the bill to a “T”. There is no lack of beauty to compromise for the security that it would offer to my device. At the same time, it is a practical product. I love the inclusion of the S- View window, and the open slot on the other model has would allow for a bit more accessibility to my funds. I will definitely buy at least one of these, as long as the OBEX for S4 doesn’t come out soon.

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