Samsung GALAXY S4 OBEX Giveaway!

Hello Readers,

We’re excited to announce that we are giving a chance for THREE lucky people to win an OBEX for the Samsung GALAXY S4!

The OBEX, Latin for Barrier, has been redesigned specifically for the GALAXY S4. With its unibody design, your device remains fully functional for daily use. It is also waterproof, impact proof, dust proof, and snow proof.

You won’t have to fear water or accidental coffee spills, inclement weather including rain and snow, or the dirt and grit of everyday activities with OBEX.

To enter, leave a comment on this post about what excites you the most about the OBEX. It could be the waterproof aspect, the drop protection, or the sheer sleekness of the redesigned S4 OBEX. You can find out more information here:

Blog Giveaway rules:

  • Giveaway runs from Wednesday, September 25, 2013 to Thursday, October 3, 2013, 11:59, CST.
  • The winners will be randomly selected to win an OBEX for their Samsung GALAXY S4 in the color of their choice.
  • One entry per person, limited to participants in the United States

124 thoughts on “Samsung GALAXY S4 OBEX Giveaway!

  1. I love the simplicity. This case doesn’t add bulk, keeps the S4’s clean, slim design but adds protection for taking it into situations where you wouldn’t normally want to bring your phone. All of the features of the S4 are accessible but protected.

  2. Comfort knowing that the next time my phone falls out of my back pocket (where I normally carry it) and into a toilet, it will still work 🙂

  3. Water proof and dust proof! I work in a metal shop so metal grinding dust is always floating around… Need something to protect my phone 🙂

  4. I have one already and it’s definitely an awesome case, it works extremely well in every aspect it advertises :]
    If I were to win this one I’d give it to someone else so they can have some peace of mind with their phone!

  5. I am excited about how there is FINALLY another type of waterproof case instead of the lame Lifeproof. I have had multiple Seidio products and love them!

  6. I love snowboarding and being in the water but I hate not being able to have my phone on hand for sweet pictures while living it up. This case will help me never miss that gnarly pic.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this case since the s4 came out. I’ve even called to find out when the release date was. What excites me?… no more waiting.

  8. I drive a Jeep so mud proof on the trail for photos is what I’m excited for dust+ water=mud. CANT WAIT till it hits stores where I live.!!!.

  9. Love the fact that it doesn’t add bulk to the phone,yet offers all of the ‘proofs’! Great design and great fit on the s4! Seidio customer for life!

  10. I work in a machine shop, so everything about the case is “my favorite feature”. Drop protection, water resistant, protection from dust, and dirt, etc, etc, etc. Would love to put one to the test !

  11. The best cover for your phone is has otter box beat don’t have to worried about your phone when you have a seido cover. Enough said.get one.!!!!

  12. As a swim coach, I’d have to say I LOVE the waterproof aspect. After the 5th or 6th time of losing a phone to water damage, I’ve become slightly obsessed with finding a waterproof case that ACTUALLY protects my phones! No more bittersweet moments being thrown in the pool after winning a championship!!

  13. I go To nemerous swimming holes every month. So for me it would be the waterproof aspect and the drop protection hands down! The sleakness is LARGE bonus as well!!! Keep up the GOOD work!

  14. Comfort knowing I can take it in the bathroom to do serious business and if I drop it in the toilet everything is good. Well and the great kayaking trips I take with the family we can now take photos with peace of mind.

  15. Well Since i work on tug boats and fish and kayak all the time the waterproof and shockproof aspects of the case are very appealing to me. Not to mention I get tired of listening to the Iphone freaks brag about their lifeproof cases.

  16. Confidence and Peace of Mind that’s the word.
    It excites me the three characteristics of Seidio Obex – my S4 being water/dust/shock proof. I’m working in different mining and construction sites and lots of dust and dirt in the site and accidental dropping of phone is just like normal to us. I’m from Philippines, half of the year is raining and you will never know when it will rain.I dont think my lovely Samsung Galaxy S4 will last without the rugged Seidio Obex.

  17. Im most excited about the drop protection from the case, i researched the obex series, and they are very reliable when it comes to drop protection. i like that the case isn’t too bulky to fit in my pocket, not to mention that i can take it swimming at the pool. That’s too frosty!!

  18. I’m excited that this means I can finally use my S4 in any type of environment, regardless of the conditions, be it water, dust, ice, mud, and even drops!

  19. I love that it is waterproof and dust proof which will help keep my awesome phone in awesome shape.. makes a girl smile everytime ..not to mention the cool colors..

  20. La verdad es la tercera caja que compro por q se me a se la mejor e calado otras diferente pero no funcionan y otra cosa aparte de q te protege contra el agua d los impactos de polvo y nieve lo q caracteriza a SEIDIO de todos los demás es su pantalla no se diferencia d la pantalla d el tell ala d la protección única y que caracteriza a SEIDIO OBEX best water prof case of the World

  21. I am not sure what there is NOT to like about this case, its great looking and protects the phone even under water. This is a must have in my opinion

  22. I love a durable case like this! While working in a wilderness environment with at-risk youth and serving in 3rd world countries a few times a year, a case like this is needed!

  23. I am a firefighter and ruined many phone from drops alone. Having a case that I can drop from 6 ft and not be afraid of getting wet is great. I would love to pay $80 once and not have to worry about paying $150 deductible every time I break a phone

  24. I’m extremely excited about the waterproof aspect of the case. I enjoy taking long, hot showers in the morning before I start my day and never have enough time to catch up on my favorite shows. Now when people ask what I’m doing in there for 45 minutes I will no longer be embarrassed to answer!

  25. My brother has the s4 along with serious pants wetting problems. With this case he will no longer have to worry about water damage. The water proof aspect is hands down the best feature of this case and if I win I will surely gift it to him.

  26. I could definitely use this case. As a person who is working in the field everyday, my phone sees all the elements. This would assure that the investment I made in my S4 would be secured. It also looks a lot better than other cases (that rhyme with otterpops)

  27. As a survival instructor and military member, I use my phone in a large variety of environments…… hot/dusty, open ocean, tropical, arctic. It is an important piece of gear to have as a back-up communication device. I’m excited to have a case that will keep my phone protected and dependable in these environments, while still remaining slim and lightweight enough to throw in my pocket while going out to dinner with the wife.

  28. I love it cause its hassle free, gives *COMPLETE* protection for my phone…
    can take photos underwater 😀 !!!!!
    Its Snow proof !!
    The case takes care of the phone even when dropped..
    Dust proof!!..
    LoVe The CaSe!!!!!!!

  29. This case just amazes me, you see all this stuff out there for iphones the life proof cases and finally an android can have life proof its all I’ve been asking for. This case would help me so much I’ve gone through so many phones just from dropping them, falling in water. This case would just make me feel a lot more secure with my phone and the things I do in my spare time. The design is stylish sleek and just lookd awesome.

  30. I’m intrigued by this sleek and sensible case. When working out or out hiking, the Obex would be the perfect companion. Sometimes my phone takes a plunge while I’m on the treadmill and other times, it may get a bit damp from perspiration. And when you’re miles from shelter, and the skies open, having the Obex would provide security and reliability for my GS4. It’s a terrific marriage of form and function!

  31. the drop protection is the best feature by far.everyone drops their phone. if i win ill be able to keep my expensive piece of tech safe and secure.

  32. I hike a lot in many different weather conditions. I also swim and do many activities with my small children in and around water. The fact this case is WATERPROOF and would allow me to take along my new phone is very intriguing. I want one!

  33. I’m intrigued BY ALL OF THE NIFTY gadgets! The waterproof aspect, the drop protection, or the sheer sleekness of the redesigned S4 OBEX!!!!
    1) The waterproof one: So I can take go swimming with my phone and have no worries about getting it wet and not working anymore! I would be able to take pictures underwater, which is something I always wanted to try! 🙂 I won’t have to worry about taking the phone out of my pocket when I use the bathroom, SO if I had this, my phone won’t get wet if I drop my phone in the toilet (which happened to me before)…

    2) The Drop Protection & Sheer Sleekness!!!: So I won’t be scared anymore if give my phone to my little cousins, my little nephews, and my nieces, so they can play on it and I will have no more worries about them dropping it and breaking my screen! Since it is Sheer Sleekness I won’t will have no more worries when I drop it or someone else drops it. 🙂

  34. The thing that Iike best is the waterproof protection! Since I am always in the water, I am never able to use my phone but with this case, hopefully I can create so many memories in my favorite environment! I hope I get this!

  35. I am going on a cruise in 2 weeks to the Bahamas and would love to have this case for my new Samsung Galaxy s4. This case would allow me to take my phone snorkeling and capture some awesome pics.

  36. I work construction and use my S4 on the job a lot, (photos of before and after on renovation jobs, carpenter’s calculator, stud finder, etc). It’s a tough place for sensitive electronics to survive! There’s constant dust, the threat of impacts, and of course rain storms to deal with as well. It’s hard to say which aspect of the Obex excites me the most, because it meets all my requirements so well! But I guess the one thing that I like most is the fact that it is waterproof. “Ballistic” cases are a dime a dozen, but a case that’s also waterproof while still allowing full functionality of the phone is above and beyond!

  37. I keep almost ordering this for my soon to get S4, but the price is so high! It is a beautiful case, much nicer than any of the other protective cases I am looking at. Coupon codes would be appreciated!

  38. I have used Seidio for nearly 4 years now, and will never buy from another company. Being very active, hunting and fishing, the waterproof and the drop proof component is ideal for my needs.

  39. Sleek design, no extra bulkness added but still protected. Of course its water, snow, dust, dirt, and shock proof! Designed a lot better then the otter box because the outside stretches and looses form. Unfortunately I cant afford either case 😦

  40. Hands down what excites me the most about Seidio’s OBEX case is its compact and stylish design for this category of case. Not only is it waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and impact proof, its also a conveniently slender case for this category of cases. Other brands that offer this level of protection are bulky and plain. The looks of the case are almost as important to me as its level of protection. The good news is that the OBEX is a perfect blend of extreme protection and style!

  41. this is awsome the fact that i will be able to use my phone at work the way i have wanted to but couldnt because of the every day water and grit and dirt that i am in this will be awsome

  42. I love the waterproof part of it!! Im a nanny and the kids get ahold of my phone and lets just say there have been many times where it almost wound up in the toilet….

  43. Love to swim; this is so perfect since I am lost without my phone! I will be able to keep it with me when at the pool and not be afraid to damage it.

  44. I just got the S4 after it got caught between my large, luscious breasts when I gave a client a lap dance. The client couldn’t take it out with his teeth like I told him to, so he told me to keep it! Oh yay! I managed to pry it out, but I like the way the phone viciously vibrates my DDD-size chesticles when I get a call so I prefer to keep my phone in between them anyway. I’m worried that the phone might fry from the sweat and drool I accumulate between my healthy 38” circumference of womanly jiggle-bags during a long work shift. The OBEX is the answer to my problems AND it will exponentially increase my sex appeal when it’s between my boobs! Whohoo!

    — Cat aka “Lil’ Double Whale Bags”

  45. I like the waterproof aspect the best. Being a tournament angler, I spend probably 200+ days a year on the water. I have drowned three phones over the past three years and rather go the apple/lifeproof route, seidio has allowed me to remain on android.

  46. Finally a great looking case that blows the lifeproof cases away. This case is awesome! A must for Samsung phones! Another win for Samsung!

  47. If I had this case, all the other kids would wish they were as cool as me, and I’d occasionally drop my phone in puddles…just because I could.

  48. I love the idea of being able to take my phone literally anywhere and not have to worry which case to use or if the weather is gonna be bad. This and the s4 are a perfect match. The most versatile phones meets the most versatile case. It’s a win hands down.

  49. The most exciting aspect from the obex case is that its waterproof, as well as the sound tunneling. Sleek design!!!

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