The Case you Know and Love with a New Twist!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

We are announcing that our ACTIVE line has been renamed! But don’t be spooked, the dual layer case still offers the protection you have come to trust!

Our signature product line will be called the DILEX, a name that best represents the unique structure that has set this case apart in the accessories market.  The prefix “DI-” means two, and describes the impressive two layer design that offers extra protection for the smartphone. The first layer is a highly durable polymer that covers vital ports and controls.  The second layer, the DILEX skeleton, fits over the polymer to provide added defense to high impact points like the corners and sides. Although the name has changed, the excellent features and high quality materials you’ve come to expect from Seidio have not.


One thought on “The Case you Know and Love with a New Twist!

  1. As long it’s the same great case, you can name it whatever you want! I will combine the names like people do with celebrity couples. I love the ACTILEX case!

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