Announcement from 2014 CES!

At 2014 CES, we were very excited to debut our OBEX® Waterproof Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3! It is estimated to start shipping this quarter!

About Seidio

Seidio is a company by professionals, for professionals. We design smarter mobile accessories for today’s mobile professional, and we take our work very seriously. We are dedicated to a high standard of quality, one that becomes more obvious as you use our products. You’ll feel it in the materials we use, see it in the way our products fit your mobile device, and hear it when you speak to our representatives. Simply put our goal is to maximize your mobile device experience, so you can confidently take on the world.
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2 Responses to Announcement from 2014 CES!

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    • Cat says:

      ^ What a disgusting site. Please don’t ever pollute the lovely seidio blog with your inferior products haphazardly advertised on a website that looks like cat vomit.

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